Audrey Coatesworth

England Retired Consultant Psychiatrist, writer

I was a doctor for 45 years and a psychiatrist for 35 of those years. I now continue my therapeutic work through the medium of rhyming and metaphorical verse - in a series of poetry books called 'Verses that mean a lot'. Growing Up, Coping with Illness and Grief, and Choice for teenagers can be purchased from my websites.Poems for 3-7 years for young children.Daily Life, From Darkness to Light, and A Spiritual Journey, Kaleidoscope BOOK 1, BOOK 2 and Kaleidoscope;The Collection, Facing each day, Twilight Years and Poems in times of grief are my poetry books for the older reader. A past life novel BEYOND MERCY - which the author believes will be proven ( in time ) to be true. Further information are on the website and to read the first chapter+ - see links. This is a long. challenging and compelling read.Other books will eventually follow.All the books are now available as eBooks - for Amazon Kindle and PC/iPad etc via the Kindle App