Mike Downes

England, UK real world teacher

teacher at https://youtube.com/mikedownes  I read and write a lot, make old school black and white photos and help people cope with & access the modern worldteach produce educate using words pictures film . nos discere nos - we live we learn15 may 16 note, currently working on Simple Black and White Photography .. i was trained in black and white photography, back in the days of film, chemicals and a darkroom .. the best (and only) tools we had - a camera with a fixed 50mm lens, our legs, our eyes and a thinking creative brain. Fast forward to 2016 and most of what we see is not a photograph at all - just absolute laziness. By starting a new discussion, maybe, just maybe a few people with realise they do in fact have legs and a brain and will happily wander about with a camera as if for the very first time .. note:  For those many people who continually ask, 'Why are you verified [at youtube] with so few subscribers?' -- here is my answer''I get this question alot -- I was at google+ at the start back in 2011 and that's where I got my verified tick. I am a trusted tester for google pre prerelease software (like hangouts). As it's One Google, I think that's why my tick is seen at youtube as well as across most of the 100+ Google Products and Services ...the Laptop show is a gift to all the children I have ever taught, now all grown up .. you can read the post here at my new University of Warwick Blog: http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/mikedownes/entry/the_laptop_show .. It's new new for 2016 - where anyone can learn something fast .. simple timeless fun ..real world teacher . passionately curious . make videos to help people learn . complex to simple fast . website . . . youtube.com/mikedownes . . . @mikedowneszgaming.youtube.com/mikedownes/live .. youtube.com/mikedownes/live