Mike F Shaw

Nicosia Currently works in the heavy chemical industry.

"I am the white rabbit, I may not lead you to some place safe but I will lead you to some place new"   I am a Cheshire UK based photographer, self taught and specialising in landscape and street portraits using the chiaroscuro style at times but I like to move about genres to test my abilities.I have gone on to develop photographic techniques by crossing over editing software that has given me a style that is uniquely mine. Looking to broaden my horizons and travel more around the globe to try and capture images of my own that reflect my outlook and to show the rest of the world what I see. "When you see your world through a viewfinder, as an image in your mind, the world is a different one to those others simply pass through, open your eyes" I have since gone on to be internationally published in both books and magazines such as: Digital Camera and Digital Camera World issue 115 Soura magazine issue 26 Soura Magazine Turns 5 book Idea Photos and Fashion Idea issue Jan/Feb 2009 Squish Magazine issue 1 Mac fan issue April 2010 John Pual Thornton's Art And Courage.