Mike Filsaime

Long Island Online Entrepreneur

I was born on October 26th, 1967 and raised on Long Island, New York, which I love because of its four distinct seasons.I especially like Long Island for its beaches. In the summers, I love to drive out to the Hamptons and Montauk Point. Since I live about an hour away from NYC, I can shoot the other way (west) and see a Broadway play in Manhattan. I like to travel, golf, play racquetball, and Foosball, Call of Duty (xBox)I am also a cat lover and I have cats at home and at my office.My first job as at Pathmark, a local Supermarket, where I worked in the frozen foods department at the same time I attended New York Institute of Technology.In 1990 I changed careers and started a new profession in the automotive business. Over the next 14 years I would managed some of the largest auto dealers in the USA.  I handled many of the advertising for my dealership. And, in the past, I was the head sales trainer for a 13 store auto group. I have taken many courses on sales, negotiating, and phone selling skills.I loved working in the  car business  and it was tough to leave when things started to take off online. But I don’t miss the long hours. However, I do feel a learned a lot about influence factors that make people take action during my years in top dealerships.I have been able to apply many of the sales and marketing tactics I learned over the last 14 years and implement them into my Internet marketing. My online success has come very quickly.Turning Point to Fulltime Online Entrepreneur : August 5th, 2004On this day on 2004, it was time for me to leave that automobile sales profession behind and seek out new opportunities that lie ahead with the new frontier of Online Marketing. This was the day I decided to quit the car business and work for my self full-time. It was a good choice. I became a Millionaire in just 3 years in early 2006.I started Internet marketing in October of 2002. My first purchase was a product called Instant Internet Empires, which taught me how to get started and was really good for the newbie. But, I had to learn many of the other techniques on my own. I am a student of How-To and self improvement books. I am always looking for that edge to take myself and my projects to the next level. So, I encourage you to be brave enough to purchase quality products that you come across that will enhance your life.In January of 2006 we did our first Million Dollar product launch. Since then, the business has grown from a spare bedroom to 2500 square foot office and a staff of 21 people that help me run our 10+ Major-Brand sites.To me, the most important thing now is quality of life. A nice income makes it easier to have, but if you leave no time to enjoy it, you could be worse off than when you started. At one time we were doing close to $10 Million per year with 75 employees. It was not fun. As always, the 80/20 rule (the Pareto Principle) applied and we decided to focus only on the 20 percent of our products that resulted in 80% of our profits. Life is a bit more simple. We are designed more as a small business with goals of $3 to $4 Million with more profits.To learn more go to http://mikefilsaime.com