Mike Runyon

Apache Junction, Arizona Photography-SouthWestStillShots

Owner/Operator SouthWestStillShotsBorn and raised in Indiana and now living in the Phoenix area for the past few decades. I have developed a passion for HDR photography. Now using Nikon D7000 and D7100 almost exclusively.Taught photography & darkroom seminars in both Arizona and Nevada. I've used almost every format from 110, 35mm, 2 1/4 & 4x5 as well as developed and printed. I now use principally digital and love the format.I've been into photography since I took my 1st photo of my teddy bear on my tricycle. Have photographed portfolio shots for bands in Las Vegas, glamour and a few weddings in Indiana, Las Vegas & Phoenix . Shot ads for nightclubs in Las Vegas & Phoenix. Enjoy photographing wildlife of all sorts from insects to rattlesnakes. I have also done quite a bit of scenic / landscape work. Used to spend hours in the darkroom, but now find Photoshop and digital photography a lot more fun than a darkroom ever was.I'm big into tech and have been for years. I installed  a 13 record 45rpm record player, 4 track tape deck, reverberater and voice activated  tape recorder in my cars in the mid '60s and was doing short radio work back then, as well. I've built and upgraded several computers. I Love playing with new programs, operating systems and add-ons. I have quickly become a Google+ aficionado. I find it far more suits my tastes than Facebook or Twitter ever did.I like collecting and repairing older clocks and collect older watches as well. Don't want to run out of time! I also like collecting older barometers & cameras.Also a bit of an audiophile and have the home theater system to prove it! Love most types of music, with the exception of rap, which I really can't qualify as music. Am into good sci-fi, either literature or movies as well as action adventure films & the occasional comedy.  I have been a car nut for years and used to spend hours at the local drag strips. I have had numerous muscle cars and hot rods over the years.  Now I mostly love driving my Roush Mustang down a long winding road a little faster than the posted limit!