Mike Searle

Liberty, MO Illustrator, Designer

I am an illustrator, graphic designer, and conceptual designer/artist providing everything from poster illustrations to conceptualizing brand identity. I've worked with clients as far reaching as start-up websites, to small non-profit groups. I offer Prints and T-shirts for sale at http://society6.com/MikeSearleArt.I Want To Draw YouI offer commissions of fine art. These portraits make excellent gifts, so if you are interested in commissioning a piece of fine art, you may email me direct from my profile page, or here. I don't limit myself to just illustrating people that society calls "beautiful", so whether you're a man or woman, I want to capture your unique beauty and strength! I specialize in Digital Illustration; Pencil, Pen & Ink Illustrations; Brand Identity; and Conceptual Design/Development. I love art in all forms, but especially visual art and music. I really enjoy cool urban stuff, and anything bold.I love people, and one of my personal goals is to make the day brighter for as many people as I can.You can buy custom artwork from me at plustastic.com.You can Like me on Facebook at Searle.Arts, check out my portfolio on Behance, or follow me on Twitter.I post my illustrations on mikesearleart.wordpress.com, where you can also follow The Plus Project.________________________________________Some of My ThoughtsI'm Not A Good ArtistHow to Become an ArtistIs Nudity Bad?Dealing With Bigotry in A Connected WorldSexism on The Bus

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Illustration
  • Vector Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Visual Identity
  • Concept Design