Mike Sweeney

Orange, California Photographer, Network Engineer, Network Architect

I started my visual career by drawing incessantly from the time I was old enough to be trusted with a box of crayons. By the time I was in my early twenties I had bought a Canon 35mm camera and was learning the finer points of photography. Now I blend my photography skills with my extensive knowledge of technology to produce images that are both classic and state of the art. I am active member is the “Strobist” and other social groups on Flickr, as well as the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). I specialize in wedding photography, portraiture and lifestyle photography.I have wholly embraced iPhoneography and I have called an "iPhonologist" given the amount of hacking on the phone I've done in pursuit of pictures. You will see me taking my iPhone underwater, high into the air or strapped to the side of my car zooming down the street. I love pushing the limits of what the iPhone can do and finding out just how far I can go past the supposed limits of using a "cellphone camera" in the search of art. I love to cook but I’m not the baker of the house or not yet at least. The Food channel keeps me thinking I can make a cake just as cool as some I’ve seen there. Iron Chef is a time sink for me, I see it and I HAVE to watch it. I won’t discuss how many cook books I’ve collected along the way. On the weekends, you can find me with three of my four girls and the neighborhood kids in a water balloon fight or on the water slide. I’m also the local “fix-it” man for the kids and broken toys.My current iBook on making creative iPhone pictures is available on iTunes.  Published by Maclife as a Featured Photographer

  • Portraiture
  • commercial and life style photography
  • Designing
  • building
  • troubleshooting advanced and complex computer networks