Sandeep Singh

BC, Canada SEO Student, Internet Marketing, Web Advertizer, Blogger, Online Adviser

I love to blog with my Cyber Pen Name "ViruSoul", but now I moved to my own named blog "Sandeep Singh".I’m NOT some famous marketing guru who has been around for years online… It’s very likely you’ve never even heard my name before because I don’t usually talk about my techniques publicly and I DON’T launch a new site selling them every month like all those so called guru’s. Bottom Line… I only surface from the underground when I have something life changing to tell you… Normally I work quietly in my own home office, I have only been online seriously for just under 3-4 years now, learning and testing different simple but highly effective methods on how to earn money online. To be honest I was quite shocked at how simple it was to earn a few bucks and when I received my first check from Google after not doing anything for a month it lead me to investigate further. The methods I started with are now gone and out of the window. I no longer go out to make a few dollars like most people online… I’m now making six figure per year from only a couple of hours work per can meet me here, and my about me profile is here